Friday, February 22, 2013

Introducing the 2013 Damnies™

We've been at this local website thing for over two years now--high time we start giving out our own awards. So, in the spirit of the Awards from 2011 we will be conducting our own award competition where you, gentle reader, will be able to vote for the winners! Yay for voting! Here's a list of our current categories, feel free to nominate people/places for each category or to suggest additional categories. You can find a nomination form at the end of this post. Also, if any local businesses would like to become a sponsor of the Damnies, drop us an email, we'll work something out. OK, without further ado, the categories for the 2013 Damnies™ are:

Best trough urinal

Worst local bar

Dirtiest bathroom

Best after-bar food place

Best alley to pee in

Worst alley to pee in

Best bar for bar fights

Worst bar to take your mom to

Best Drunken Karaoke

Most cooperative co-op

Most phallic structure

Best place to people-watch

Best meeting place now that Borders is gone

Worst downtown street for biking

Most public public-art

Most attractive city council person

Most Craigslist Missed Connections

Ugliest building

Best example of brutalist architecture

Worst use of downtown real estate

Best local poster artist

(least) Favorite tagger

Best fries

Best knick-knack store

Prettiest home that frats ruined

Most frustrating parking area

There you have it folks, our current categories for the 2013 Damnies™. If you think we've left something out, please let us know. Also, please nominate people/places for the awards. You will find a nomination form below.

Damnies logo by Dana

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