Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Old German, a review

Last night was opening night at the new Old German, which is under Grizzly Peak (the old Old German). A buddy and I decided to check it out.

The Old German is a German-style beer basement. It has six taps of Grizzly Peak beer plus two special kellerbiers. The kellerbiers are a special feature of the Old German. They are served directly from the conditioning tanks. I'd highly recommend trying the helles bock, which was super tasty. The Old German (aside: can we start calling it the OG?) also has a smattering of German-ish dishes. We tried the soft pretzels, which come with a super delicious cheddar beer sauce. We also had the potato pancakes. They come with horseradish sauce and applesauce. Pretty good.

One nice feature of the Old German is that it's super chilly. It was very air-conditioned and in the basement last night. So it's a pretty nice place to beat the heat. All in all, it's just a pretty nice cozy little bar. The decor had a good feel. One thing that might disappoint fans of the old Old German (I'm looking at you @dokas), is that the bathroom doors are no longer labeled in German.

The kellerbier tanks.

If you're looking to get outta the heat this week and grab a pint, I'd recommend checking out the OG.


  1. Maybe they were afraid that the gents would be confused by Herren.

  2. Can't call it OG. A brewery already exists by that name in the area (Original Gravity in Milan).

  3. It is a great use of existing space, but some patrons will find it pretty noisy. This is not a place to go and have a quiet conversation.

    And, it was nicely crowded. Nice to see.

  4. Au contraire mein Blogger. Once upon a time my family and I were waiting for a table at the OG OG when suddenly I became very ill. Tiny 11 year old me went flying across the restaurant to find the bathroom, which very much to my dismay, were not necessarily readable. So, on behalf of 11 years old everywhere, it's a wise choice they made to adopt English bathroom signs.