Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Spin scooters are here

At the April 15th #a2council meeting, the city entered into a deal with Spin, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. Bird scooters are no longer welcome in the city. Here's my question: how does a Spin scooter compare with a Bird in terms of range and speed? Will one of these bad boys get me back to Ypsi?


  1. So can I hypothetically snag one of these downtown and ride it to a house in Waterhill or Plum Market or the Amtrak station and then leave it there? Who picks these up and takes them back?

  2. Yes, you can leave it wherever it's not blocking the sidewalk or street. Either a neighbor will find it on the app and use it to head downtown or a charger will see it on the app and pick it up.

    Mostly I'm hoping to find one of the birds in a city auction or trash pile. I picked up a cheap replacement circuit board for it and want to see if it works to free it.