Monday, October 7, 2019

Ann Arbor City Council Preview: Oct. 7th 2019

Gentle readers, tonight is the first spooktacular #a2council meeting of October. We've got a lot on the docket, so let's dive in.

Starting with the 22 item Consent Agenda. We've got a road closing for Oktoberfest on Oct. 18. We've also got CA 14, for a special assessment district for Fullter Ct. & Nixon/Traver sidewalk gaps. Here's a fun game: guess how many of the 22 items will be pulled from the Consent Agenda and which items are most likely to get pulled.

On to the Public Hearings! There are 6 and they all have to do with zoning/upcoming projects. PH-1/B-1 and PH-2/DB-1 are on the Glen project at 201, 213, 215, 217 Glen Avenue and 1025 East Ann Street. PH-1 is a modification of the Zoning Ordinance which is how one modifies or creates a PUD. PH-2 is on the site plan.

PH-3/B-2 and PH-4/DB-2 are on the PUD and Site plan for 2857 Packard.

That leaves us with PH-5/B-3 and PH-6/B-4. PH-5 would amend the zoning code w/r/t cannabis businesses and consumption facilities. PH-6 sets rules for medical and non medical cannabis establishments.

There you have it gentle reader. Our spooktacular preview of the Oct. 7rd City Council Meeting. Feel free to share the items you are most intersted in in the comments, especially if it's something I forgot. Make sure you follow all the action on CTN's live stream and the #a2council hashtag on twitter.

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  1. Coming soon: the bill preventing "defaced" city seals.... ;)