Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Vote today if you have not already

Gentle reader, if you are able to, and have not already, please vote today. You can vote at your local polling place, or your local clerk's office. If you have a completed absentee ballot, you can drop that off at your local clerk's office. If you have completed a mail in absentee ballot, you can check to see if it has been received here.

Here are my endorsements for this election:

Ann Arbor City Council: Disch, Song, Radina, Eyer, and Briggs
Prosecutor: Eli Savit for Prosecutor
Also, I would have liked to more thoroughly written about this but I am supporting the following candidates and millages:
Clayton for Sheriff
Kestenbaum for Clerk
Justin Hodge for County Commissioner, District 5
Both county millages
Results will be posted here sometime after the polls close at 8 pm. Please join me in refreshing this page frantically starting at 8 pm.   

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